summer L-O-V-E

I don’t really have anything to say. Summer is winding down. The days are getting cooler (and by cooler I mean 95 degrees instead of 102 degrees) and school has started for most kids (which is giving me mini panic attacks thinking about going through it with Jovi next year). Speaking of that precocious question-loaded kid, she starts pre-K in two weeks! She is excited; I am “Eeeeeeeeeeee!” We still have 12 months to psych ourselves up. Or out; whichever.
Anyway. Photos. Just some random ones from our summer da(ze).

Pinspired — brought to life via aunt Laurie (my camera; their hands)

Have I ever mentioned how much they like to play in the dirt?

Annual luau at nanny and pappy’s house! Super fun.

Anderson/Hinton family!

Anderson/Hinton kids (taking photos of a large group of kids is like herding cats)

There were like five adults behind me yelling at them to smile and look over here! haha
OVER STIMULATION! (Mason is totally steadfast in his grin though, right?)

my beautiful sisters-in-law!

Limbo and/or clotheslining Austin

my lovelies.

And some more randoms from summer in the water …

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2 Responses to summer L-O-V-E

  1. christa says:

    Lovely pictures! Love the luau pictures… ESPECIALLY your family pic… so bright and fun!

  2. Kendra says:

    That IS a beautiful family of four photo!! Who’s your photographer?!?! haha! It’s all about the super amazing photogenic subjects. šŸ˜‰ I saw that ‘love’ one on pinterest too and thought that would be so cool to try!! love ya! šŸ™‚

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