It’s been a bit stressful around here these days. The weekends don’t bring a whole lot of relief as far as Things To Do; our house is usually in need of a thorough cleaning/de-cluttering after acting as a catch-all throughout the week when we’re too busy otherwise to attend to it. Such was the case recently when the sink was full of dirty dishes, the living room floor was covered in toys and shed clothing (Jovi likes to change her clothes five million times a day and Aven leaves un-soiled diapers around the house randomly. Oh the joys of pottytraining!). The grass needed mowed, the deck needed sprayed off, the garden needed weeding, the inside of the house needed Everything. But instead of doing all that and being like, responsible or whatever, we made mud.
Because work can wait and getting filthy can’t. (ie, we have our priorities straight, obviously)

That’s right. We stripped down to panties (“we” being “not me”) and dove in. Feet first.

And of course, abundance of water always results in a tea party. (Mud AND faded tattoos? We win at personal hygiene!)

Aven is not interested in tea parties. She’d much rather make mud gloves, and thus….

…mud handprints.
Jovi wanted to get in on that too.

Of course Mommy’s simple mud pit wasn’t awesome enough, so after Kyle got over his o.O “whaaaaat is going on out here??” (he’d slept in a bit and missed the beginning of these shenanigans) he decided to build the girls a Mud River! They were excited. Jovi wanted to use the pick herself. Um, no.What drought? MORE WATERRR!!!


Fortunately I had the foresight to set up the pool beforehand* so the girls could just go jump in intermittently and wash themselves off. They still required a good hosing when the fun was over, though. Mud gets into cracks, y’all.

*not really. it had been set up for days (by Kyle) for use as a dog pool. Mostly for our temporary fur-baby Max. I can only imagine what kinds of dog-goo were in this water. Meh. We added kid-goo!

Ok so Jovi is a little bit brilliant. She put this empty flower pot at the start of the river-thing Kyle built. It has a hole in the bottom. She filled it with water so it’d run out the hole and keep the river flowing. Once the errrr…..reservoir? at the end of the river filled up, she’d take her bucket and fill it up in the reservoir and then pour that into the pot to keep it all going. I was like DUDE, SMART.
We spent like two hours doing this. Mud is good therapy, I’ve decided.

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