the “funcation”

Weeks ago, when we told Jovi we were going on a vacation to Oregon, she got super excited even though she didn’t really know what a “vacation” was. We told her we were going to stay in a hotel, go swimming, eat at restaurants and do some exploring. She thought that sounded “really really fun, mommy!” and started calling it a funcation — all by herself. She also calls hotels hoentels (ho-en-tels) … which, where did that come from? I don’t know. The first time she said it, it took Kyle and I forever to figure out what she was saying and what she was referring to.

So… our funcation. It was a mix of fun, stress and exhaustion. Aven got sick pretty much the first day we were there, at times coughing until she threw up. She came down with a fever on Sunday while we were in a wading pool and fell asleep in my arms while I sat on the steps in the water, cradling her while other stranger-moms gave me the pity eyes. To them, I attributed her random napping to tiredness; I thought it’d make me look like Super Horrible Mother if they  knew I had her in a pool when she had a fever. But Jovi was having a blast with Kyle and we’d been catering to Aven’s needs so much that the kid deserved to have an hour of pure fun. Also, one of the treatments of bringing down a fever is putting the child in tepid water, right? So. Justified.

We did get to do some exploring and shopping though, and Bend is a beautiful, wonderful city. It has the perfect mix of mountains, lakes and rivers paired with the “city” things like shopping and culture. If you go 20 minutes to the west you’re high in the pined mountains with the amazing views and mountain-ish activities. Twenty minutes to the east and you’re in high desert country that basically looks like Nevada. Sagebrush. Wide-open sky. Nothing to obscure the view. It’s really the perfect mix for desert rats like us who also love mountains and trees! Enough green to appreciate it; not so much that we felt suffocated or claustrophobic.

We didn’t do too much in the way of exploring nature because the weather was still a little chilly and with Aven being sick we didn’t want to be out in the cold too much at once. Also, the high elevation in places meant roads were still closed because of the snowpack. Since we didn’t get out much for that sort of thing, I didn’t get many photos of our funcation, but I did get a few…

Saturday we landed in Klamath Falls so I could visit a good friend. We went to a park near a lake so the girls could run around.

Not just the girls : )

Tuesday afternoon we made it a point to get out of our room, rain or shine, and explore the area around us a little. Just a few blocks from where we were staying was a beautiful park that was right against the Deschutes River. The girls got to run around a little.

We didn’t come armed with food : (
Poor duck.

And here’s a … I don’t know. Muskrat? Beaver? Woodchuck?

The funcation is officially over and honestly I think I need a vacation from my funcation. I’m not sure Kyle and I even really talked to one another the entire five days we were in Oregon because we were so busy calming, wrangling, disciplining, navigating or sleeping to get a word in edge-wise. Such is life though, right? We grin and bear it! (And occasionally get puked on).


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