Toddler session with Lizzy

Toddlers are hard to photograph. They’re move-y and can be temperamental. Whenever I shoot my girls (with a camera; don’t call CPS please) I usually just park myself on the grass and get tons of candids. I can take anywhere from 200 – 300 photos in an hour if  my girls will last that long. Sometimes I can finagle posey shots, but mostly I capture lots of in-the-moments while they’re chasing butterflies or leaping off rocks or smelling flowers.

Out of those 200 photos, I usually get somewhere around 50 that are decent and useable. If I’m lucky. Such is the life of a photographer, I suppose. I really should post my cutting-room-floor shots sometime!

Anyway, last weekend I had the privilege of working with a brand-new toddler, Lizzy. Not super brand new to me since I’ve known her since she was born, and I’ve known her daddy since he used to rollerblade in my driveway with my brother when he was seven years old (and maybe even last month?), but as far as photographing her? Brand new. I wasn’t sure which bribes would work. And like… I’m not really allowed to use bargaining chips with other peoples’ kids like “no ice cream unless you smile at mommy!!”, right? (not that I’d ever do such a thing. cough). Fortunately the whole Mommy Thing  – at least facets of it – carries over into interactions with other kids. We giggled and became friends and although she was done modeling for me by the end of that hour, the time within it was well spent. I’d like to have her over for a playdate sometime. Maybe I’ll even let my girls join in! ; )

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