catching up.

I meant to post a photo of the Valentines Jovi and I made a few weeks ago… You know.. when it was still relevant. But I have been pulled in a billion different directions lately and frankly have not had the time to take many photos of Life, let alone post them.

But still:

Cute, right? I wish I could take credit for the idea, especially when the moms of her classmates were OMG!!!-ing over them. But no, it was a pinspiration I saw months ago and vowed to do myself, eventually. I like how they came out.
Apparently my dad had one of these hanging outside of his office as a “Who I Stay Safe For” motivator, and someone came along after a few days of it being on display and stole the sucker. For some reason the image of a grown man, hard-core miner sucking on a lollipop just cracks me up. But instead of taking the photo down (because I mean.. weird pose otherwise, right?) my mom bought a huge tub of mini-tootsie pops so he can refill it and Jovi can “hand” out suckers all the live-long day. Too funny.

I don’t have too much to say these days. Life is good. Jovi is slowly getting back to her normal self (it’s been a challenge the last few weeks! I thought my kid was broken.). We are gearing up for some vacations and other adventures in the coming months. And me? I’m still waiting. Waiting waiting waiting… I really hate waiting. But that’s me these days. Just sitting over here twiddling my thumbs and things. I will elaborate in the near future (hopefully) but for now I am caught in that weird place of limbo.

So to distract you from the suspense, here are some pictures of my lovelies!

we busted out the "real" paints the other day. Non-toxic, of course, because.....

.... she likes to paint her tongue. Naturally.

This is her "on the verge of laughing and trying hard not to" face.

A couple weeks ago I came home from work to find Kyle making cupcakes with the girls. How awesome of a daddy is he?? He even made homemade cream cheese frosting and colored it purple. Love him.

Here is a time lapse for you:


A couple days after the fun cupcakes I was in the kitchen doing something and Kyle had stepped outside. The door was halfway open and the girls were loitering in and out of the house. I (mistakenly) thought they were occupied and playing. But no. Aven found an ink pad of Jovi’s.

I made these super delicious banana gobs with orange-vanilla buttercream filling a couple weeks ago. SO GOOD. I sent them ice fishing with Kyle and his family because I am rad like that.

Also, I found a new love of my life. Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter.

Have you tried it? No? DO IT NOW. Immediately. It is this creamy deliciousness that tastes like cookies but is spreadable like peanut butter. It’s good on everything. Apples, waffles, crackers, pancakes, right out of the jar with a spoon…. I’m going to bake with it this weekend. Except I sort of don’t want to because then I might run out before I go back to Reno. DISTRESS!

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2 Responses to catching up.

  1. christa says:

    Way to go Kyle! How fun is that! Your little one seems a lot like my little one… always into something! If it gets quiet for a few moments I begin to PANIC! Usually I can find her in the middle of something messy and DISASTROUS! Oh my how she stretches me!

    • Yes, she is totally into EVERYTHING. Like, it doesn’t even surprise me anymore when she appears out of nowhere, caked in …stuff.. I’m just like “yep.”
      I call her my hurricane ferret because she is like a natural disaster that takes/hides everything. 🙂

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