a little flare.

Last weekend was full of Fake Winter days; very mild and calm, so the girls and I went outside for some twirling and dancing. I also decided to play with my camera a little since I have an ~*official*~ photo shoot coming up next weekend for senior portraits. I am excited! I will likely spend a couple of my lunch hours this weekend scouting out locations in town. I slowed down my shutter speed to get a Blur of Skirt (although not quite enough, it seems. Or maybe Jovi just doesn’t spin fast enough. Also, I’d like to point out that she completely dressed herself, here).

breakdancing? Idk.

The two-hour-ish window right before the sun goes down has always been my favorite time of day. The golden, soft light.. the way it highlights all the right places. I am definitely a natural light photographer! I decided to play around with some sun flares. I took all these on F11.

The girls were nice for humoring me while I laid myself on the dead grass to take photos of them. Hold still! Twirl! Don’t move! I rewarded them for putting up with my craziness and demands with Skittles.

Ahhhh sun flares. So pretty.

After it got too chilly outside to take anymore photos (it’s hard to push a button when you have nubs instead of fingers), we went inside. And since Aven is a mini-me through and through, I had to get a picture of her outfit. Mama’s little hippie and all.

Yeah… she looks all sweet and innocent, but just give her five minutes.

Last Friday we had a doctor’s appointment in Reno for Jovi (and Aven, sorta) to see an ENT due to recurrent strep and ear infections. We were basically validated in everything we felt, and she will be getting her tonsils and adenoids out and tubes put in her ears on March 5. We’re not sure what time yet since they schedule from youngest to oldest, but hopefully we will be early in the day because she is supposed to fast. Which won’t be easy for her! We are grateful to be getting this taken care of and anxious for her to start feeling well, all the time. I know some people aren’t a big proponent of tubes but I am going with my gut, which tells me that if the fluid and infection isn’t gone after three intense rounds of antibiotics, something physiological needs to be done to change the anatomy of her ear. I don’t want her to suffer from hearing loss from infection after infection. So we are taking a chance, going with our guts and praying that the outcome will justify everything else! It’s hard being a parent.

Anyway. To offset the “EW DOCTOR”-ness of the visit, we took the girls to the Discovery Museum for a few hours. We had a blast and the girls loved it. I don’t know why we bothered to take the stroller inside; both were on their feet the whole time exploring and burning off energy (the car ride home was awesome. And quiet).

Kyle teaching Jovi about solar energy

trebuchet! These always remind me of physics, and Mike and Carrie and ....Jeanette? I can't remember our team!

They had a set of baskets with things all attached to them. The tube in the background is a wind tunnel, so the girls could put the baskets inside the tube and see which ones "flew" the best. Super fun!

When we buy a new house I am determined to have a window-wall inside for such things.


Jovi's writing her name

the cloud tree! Jovi wouldn't climb it and Aven is too little, still. But it's huge... and super cool. Aven loved playing in the "river"...

Kyle and Jovi floated a boat the whole way down and tracked it.

....while Aven got completely soaked.

After the museum, Kyle took the girls to the park at the Marina while I did a little shopping.

This weekend we did another little photo shoot, this time for Valentine cards I made for Jovi’s class (Pinspired, and photos to come once they’re all put together). I dressed Aven up just for fun.

More of that golden light. And she’s so cute I can’t even.

Craft show tutu!

I love the look Jovi is giving Aven. All "girrrllll..."

♥ Secrets

those eyelashes!!

love this expression

The sun was a little higher that day than the last weekend when we shot, so I put the girls on a chair to get some more flares. But since it was a little overcast, they’re more subtle and not as flare-y.

my girls ♥

aA couple weeks ago, on Kyle’s week days off, I came home to find all three of them snuggling in bed together because the rest of the house was cold and we have an amazing heat blanket on our bed that gets up to like 200 degrees. Kyle even brought along Jovi’s bin of craft supplies. I mean.. what better place to undertake such things?

Glitter. everywhere.

Annnnnd here's just a random one of spaghetti-faced Aven being all cute and dress-up-y in my boots.

Kyle’s grandma and aunt and second cousin were visiting last week and we had a lot of fun with them! We went over to his parents’ house last night so we could all say goodbye to Gi-Gi and Aunt Kathy and Aiden. Gi-Gi and Aven read a book together and every time Aven saw a cow she would emit a super hyperbolic MOOOOOOOOOOOO sound… I had to capture.





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6 Responses to a little flare.

  1. christa says:

    I think I need to bust out my fabric and make Eden one of those awesome twirly skirts… everyone needs one… I think! I wish I lived closer I would take photography lessons from you. I take a lot of pics, but still have NO clue what I am doing!….. bucket list: photography lessons…

    • You are on Pinterest, yes? There are some super cute fabric scrap skirts on there! You can check out my “crafty things” board for examples!

      I’m not a pro by any means.. Most of the time I just get lucky, and for every good photo I get there are 5 that are terrible! Maybe that’s true of any photographer though. Not that I’m calling myself such… I don’t think I qualify yet! hehe But thanks 🙂 I just mess around with my settings a lot and make the girls do my bidding. They’re usually pretty cooperative though!

  2. Kendra says:

    There is just way to much cuteness going on in these photos!!! 🙂 If you needed added photography practice on boys, you know where I live……..

  3. Sabrina says:

    Your photos are beautiful!!! Keep it up and have confidence!!!! Some ideas are definitely the canyon, Reinhardt House (spelling), Court House steps, ummm…..the old museum??? Just a few thoughts!!!! Can’t wait to see how they turn out! I’m sure you will do AMAZING!!!!

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