Well, we have a four year old! The number itself isn’t that huge of a change, really, since she’s been obsessed with her birthday since her last birthday. But I have seen a marked change in her this past week. In her behavior, her ease of taking instruction, her…composure, I guess. She feels older. She feels bigger on my lap and her whole personality feels like it grew a little bit. Instead of meeting my “maybe in a little bit” replies with a “but whyyyyyyyyyyy” she’s starting to answer “OK, mommy.” And I’m like o_O?? Really? You’re not going to fight me? Argue with me or try to negotiate? It’s really going to be as easy as “OK”??

Four. We’ve come a long way in the last four (really, five) years. From never believing I’d ever get pregnant to having a precocious four year old (and a nearly-two year old following suit!). I still remember very clearly the night I found out I was pregnant.
It was a Thursday.
It was June.
The seventh, to be exact.
I was in total and complete shock. Lost for words. All those cliches that basically amount to WHAT THE—??
Sometimes I go back and re-read my journal entry from that day and the following couple of days, reliving that shock and complete feeling of overwhelm…ance. edness. Or something.

The past week has been fun, celebrating her birthday (and my giving birth-day). We drew it out over a few days to make it last a little bit longer because if anything is true about this girl, it’s that she LOVES birthdays. LOVES. IN CAPS. She loves any birthday at all, ever, but when it’s her own? I think she had perma-grin on her face for like two weeks straight.

We started Wednesday evening making rainbow cupcakes for her preschool class.

I love coloring batter to make rainbow anything (waffles are fun!) but I hadn’t tried the cupcakes yet. They came out super cute and fun, and bright and cheerful. Jovi was thrilled with them.

They spilled over the top of the pan a bit because I over-filled them so I couldn’t do the packaging I wanted but they still turned out really cute!

After preschool was over I picked her up and took her to lunch on a mommy-daughter date. She wanted to go to the bowling alley for lunch and she ate an entire slice of pizza dipped in ranch dressing and drank a pink lemonade. I gave her a bunch of quarters for the little vending machines, where she insisted on getting a tattoo (that’s mommy’s girl!)

It’s faded and worn 5 days later, but is still cute. She absolutely loves it and insists on showing it off to everyone. And she’s fiercely protective of it: Grandpa almost lost his lips when he bent down to kiss it that first day!

After I took her back to school she got to have another party with her other classmates (more cupcakes!) and when I picked her up we met Kyle at my parents’ house for some gifts. That night we did a mini cake and candles and then let her open presents from out of town relatives.

She and Aven got to spend all of Friday with Kyle, and that night we did a movie night with the girls, which was super fun. We redboxed Rio and I sent them to their room while Kyle and I de-cushioned the couches and made a huge bed on the living room floor and covered them with blankets. I made a little picnic-style dinner with snowman pb&js, crackers, applesauce and craisins. The girls were super excited when they came out of their room. I love how the little things make them so happy.

Aven may or may not be naked. That’s becoming a regular Thing around here. Which is…. awesome.

Saturday was the day of her birthday party! We had it at the bowling alley and in the back room. Bowling, french fries, pizza, etc. I invited five of her little friends from preschool but only one was able to come. No matter though; the place was full with her cousins, including my bestie’s kids. We had a great time. It was a whirlwind of noise and general overstimulation, but isn’t that a requirement of kids’ parties?

her little friend, aww ❤

In daddy’s hat.

so handsome!!

presents in the back room

pizza lips!

Mason snuggles ❤

the huge-big ballerina skirt from grandpa and yaya

How cute is she in her little baseball cap (from Kyle and me) and the skirt? LOVE IT.

We got her hotwheels

Kyle told all the kids to smile big ……

I made strawberry, pink-dipped cake pops.

....and cupcakes

...and a sheet cake that baked unevenly and was hard to frost. But it tasted good! Sorta. Cakes are not my area. Obviously.

gift bags for the kids. Even the boys got blue wands! Which they loved. And kept using them to turn people into ice cubes and frogs and stuff.


……and… some flashbacks…

first birthday, learning to walk

fourth birthday, spinning in circles


taking her first steps on her first birthday

eating her fourth birthday cake


One month old. Happy birthday, sweet Jovi!!

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8 Responses to four.

  1. Kendall says:

    Jen you look fantastic!!

    Also, I can’t believe Jovi is already 4!! And the girls look wonderful too 🙂 I ❤ the tattoo and all the pretty colored birthday cake things. This was such a Yay entry.

  2. Travis Axe says:

    I think there is a ninja turtle on one of those cupcakes…..awesome.

  3. Oh Jenn! This is spectacular!! What an adorable little gal! This entire post made my heart smile!

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