making memories.

I love this time of year. I love trying to come up with new traditions for our little family and carrying over traditions from mine and Kyle’s and making them our own. This year we decided to carry on a tradition of his parents’ and bought our girls each a Little Golden Book to unwrap Christmas morning. The girls have Kyle’s books from when he was a little boy all stacked on their bookshelves; it’s neat to look inside the cover and see Kyle, 5 years old, Christmas 1987 written there in his mom’s handwriting. Erm… I hope I did that math right! Heh.

Anyway. I talked about some of the traditions we’ve started in my last post. Speaking of, what are some awesome excuses to give Jovi for when the elf is lazy and doesn’t move places overnight? ……..

So far we’ve held fast to a few of our annual things, like the Parade of Lights.

Jovi (unbeknownst to us) had strep and an ear infection at the time this was taken. We knew she wasn’t feeling super hot, but didn’t know the extent until 2 days later. Speaking of germs from hades, Aven is in a round of antibiotics herself for strep as well! Happy Holidays!

We met our friends and their kids there and watched the parade together. And drank peppermint schnapps and hot chocolate. Um, not the kids.

My parents came too. I love that they’re such involved grandparents! They want to share in the girls’ holiday experiences just as much as we do.

I don't know why the color on this image is so warm.. it's not like this on my camera or photo program! Isn't it a sweet photo though??! I love it.

Every night after we all get home from work and school, we “open” a stocking and do that night’s activity. I must confess that I’ve subbed “make hot chocolate” for “make ornaments” a couple of times… Good thing neither of them can read yet!

Look at those spaghetti hands!

This weekend Kyle was working and I had big plans for the kitchen. The girls helped me (as much as they could, and as much as I would let them…) and we made….

..chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles.

…….peppermint bark…

…… and peanut butter cups. Which look super messy in that photo!

That was all we did Saturday, and it was enough. We took a break that afternoon (due to a certain small toddler’s mood swings) and played.

She looks a little mischievous, right?

And that look? I get that ALL. THE. TIME. People don’t believe me that she’s a little firecracker because she has this mask of sweetness. But believe me… she is all over the place and her mood turns on a dime. And no patience! She probably gets all that from her dad.

Today, while I dipped and decorated Oreo Truffles, I had Jovi (and Aven, sorta) paint clothespins for a project we did for Jovi’s preschool classmates. I also made rum balls – yum!! Anything with rum is +1 in my book. But I digress…..

Aven’s wonky hair is from pulling out her ponytail. Or the swirly I gave her; not sure.

Oreo truffles. *Homer drool*

I mean… I can’t even. Chocolate, cream cheese and peppermint? Yes please.

The cute little treat bags we made, inspired by Pinterest. If you guys are not on Pinterest yet, WHY NOT? It is awesomely addicting and I have to choose my Pinterest-seeking wisely because all the sudden three hours will go by and my kids fed themselves string cheese and dog biscuits for dinner. It’s that addicting. Add me if you haven’t: injeneral. Yay for new Internet addictions!

No photos of the rum balls because I ate them all they’re still in the fridge waiting to be rolled. In coconut. Oh yes.

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13 Responses to making memories.

  1. michelle says:

    You are so creative! =) Love everything!

  2. Trevor says:

    Um… I miss you. Terribly. Could you please leave links to your blog more often so that I can feel like I’m a part of your life, sometimes? I’m glad to see that you two, ahem, four are doing well!! Merry Christmas and I hope to see you guys when I’m home, as in, HOME (read as WINNEMUCCA) this summer!!! Love you!!

    • Aww Trevor! I miss you too!! I think about you this time of year, every year. Not sure what it is about winter but you always creep into my mind and I smile. Yes please — let’s get together this summer! I’d love to introduce you to my girls (it’s so weird to think of those things!) and just hang out again. I love that you still have the same e-mail address πŸ˜€ Merry Christmas to you too, Friend. Love you!!!

  3. Crystal Brown says:

    Love the pictures!!

  4. Sabrina says:

    I love your posts! And I love that you include such wonderful pictures! All the goodies look so yummy! I will be making some of the same this week thanks to your sharing of recipes! I love the ideas of how you continue to build traditions for your kids! Very inspiring! I hope when I start a little family some day to do the same!

  5. Sabrina says:

    Oh…..and Pinterest????? How do I start????

  6. Tiffani Laird says:

    Oh Jen,
    You never cease to make me smile. πŸ™‚ Your girls are growing up so fast and so precious!! In that one picture of Aven, she almost looks just like Drew Barrymore (sp) in E.T. !! Love ya!

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