There is a little over an hour left in this day and I have to say, my 31st year started out probably the best it could have!

I am sitting here in my quiet house, surrounded by the glow of Christmas lights, the smell of fresh pine and the warmth of our pellet stove. It sounds cheesy, this picture I am painting, but it is blissful, too. I am feeling content and loved and happy. It is a nice feeling, especially after a couple days of hormone-induced insanity.

Rachel and Keegan took me and Jovi to lunch today at The Martin, where we gorged ourselves on Garlic Everything (seriously, even if you don’t order anything with garlic in it specifically, it still has garlic in it. Just by association. Or osmosis.) and where I pilfered fries from Jovi and doused them in malt vinegar. Quite possibly the best food marriage ever. Rachel got me a long necklace that is so totally me it’s a wonder I didn’t own it already.

I got back to work to find a card with a bow on my desk, along with a cup of peppermint mocha goodness (still hot!) from my sister in law, Heather. Inside the sweet card was a gift certificate for a manicure. How thoughtful and perfect!!

Not long after that, a bouquet of flowers appeared on my desk. It’s always fun in those first few seconds of unwrapping the card, wondering who they’re from. In my world there were only two possibilities: Kyle or my parents. I was sort of right — they were from my dad. Which — not to deny my mom her level of importance in my life — is extra special. I mean.. a gift from a dad to a daughter specifically? I admit I got a little teary-eyed. Although some of that may have had to do with the aforementioned hormones… Still, I love my dad, and how thoughtful is he to send a bouquet of flowers to his daughter on her 31st birthday? As if those numbers were transposed and I was just a teenager. Love him 🙂

In an earlier conversation with my mother in law, I promised to swing by their house before picking up Jovi from AWANAs. I got busy with last minute things at work and didn’t leave myself a lot of time but I made it up there. And their card to me was so thoughtful and sweet that it could have been the gift all by itself. I am not a super emotional person, but the words written on that card honestly got me and I found myself a little blubbery and snotty. Good thing we’re past the first impressions thing, yes? She and my father in law got me lots of pampering-type things of which I am truly grateful (I’m sure he did all the shopping for that! haha). And how did she know I love the Love Spell scent from VS? She claimed she had no idea, but also, how did she know I just barely (as in, the past few weeks) ran out of my Love Spell shimmer lotion (thanks to a Toddler Who Shall Not Be Named)? I am so thankful for them and their thoughtfulness!

After a call with my brother that made me laugh-out-loud in the grocery store’s card aisle (and promises of silly singing messages. has that promise been fulfilled, I wonder?) Jovi and I met Kyle and headed up to my parents’ house to exchange gifts and pick up our other spawn. It’s their anniversary today too, you  know! I was born on their fifth wedding anniversary, so … do the math. 36 years! Isn’t that amazing?! What an example they are. We got them a gift card to Penzey’s (because DUH) and they got me a gorgeous glass serving tray and one of my favorite scented candles. My mom is so great at picking out unique things.. the tray really is beautiful and I can’t wait to use it! Would it be weird to eat tomorrow night’s dinner on it?

Kyle and the girls took  me to dinner where I gorged myself on carne asada, the girls stacked sugar packets and ate too many chips and we all shared a fried ice cream. I was nice and didn’t make the one waitress sing me happy birthday all by herself. Come to think of it, at the day’s end, only one person sang me happy birthday and that is my dear friend and second-father, Rich!! He called me and sang the whole song over the phone… what a sweetheart. ❤ I love them!

When we got home the girls were excited to get the gift thing going, so I began by opening presents-given-drive-by-style from Kendra (and Andy. And the boys. hehe) That girl knows what I like!! And again… another tear-inducing card. How lucky am I to have all these amazing people in my life?? I am so blessed.

The girls could barely contain themselves with the presents. The wrapped gifts were perched on top of the couch and I was sitting nearby, pretending not to see them purely to torture my kids. I finally “discovered” them and unwrapped and …. was shocked. Kyle got me a Kindle Fire. Something I’ve been wanting but never voiced because.. you know. It’s the latest “thing”… A pipe dream. A “man, that would be so awesome…” type of thing. Something I never seriously considered asking for! He also got a wireless router and hooked it up a few weeks ago (and subsequently buried it in a stack of paper so I wouldn’t discover it on our desk) so now I can surf the internet, download books and apps and do all sorts of awesome things from the living room! So needless to say, I’ve been doing exactly that for the past 2 hours. I already downloaded a book and read three chapters. I also have Words With Friends now (Gula? Rach?) – yay! – and a seasonal version of Angry Birds to get re-addicted to. I am stoked. And happy. And blessed. I mean… 67+ Happy Birthday wishes on Facebook. Thanks, you guys. Truly.

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One Response to bliss!

  1. christa says:

    Feeling loved… is a beautiful thing… so glad you were drenched with goodness on your special day! (Since I didn’t say before… happy belated birthday!)

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