an unexpected hiatus.

Contrary to the implications of my last post, I have not been perpetually drunk the past two weeks on Huckleberry wine. No, I have just been… uninspired? Unmotivated? Probably the last one mostly. I have been super busy with Life and thus, no time or energy to give to this space. Or photos. Did you know that in the past two weeks I have not taken one photo? I didn’t even take photos of my kids on Thanksgiving! Talk about a mommy fail. In my (lame) defense, I was busy cooking up delicious sides and the camera didn’t even enter my mind. Kyle’s hands were free, though. And yet, no photos. MEN.

Since I have a lot of randomness up my sleeve, bullets:

  • I totally dropped the ball on my daily thanksgiving series and I realize that. And I feel slightly guilty about it since some of those who are most important to me didn’t “make” the list. Except the thing is, I was saving some of them because it’s hard to find the right words, you know? So it’s not that I forgot about you guys; it’s that I am lame and let Other Things take up my time. But I am thankful for you and just because I didn’t type it out in 500 words of mushiness doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for your friendship, sisterhood and all-around awesomeness.
  • Thanksgiving day was spent frenzy-ing around my mom’s kitchen with my cousin J (who, by all intents and purposes, should be an executive chef at some swanky restaurant). We had a blast together. Or at least I did! I brought the recipes and the ingredients and we both put them all together. I made Sweet Potato Oranges (which I give like 10 billion stars of deliciousness. And I don’t even like sweet potatoes much! TRY THIS. Except halve the sugar.), Not Your Mama’s Green Bean Casserole (I even deep-fried the leeks because I am that amazing), and Corn Casserole (in place of stuffing, which was pointless since my mom got some stuffing anyways!) I added bacon into the corn recipe because duh.
  • The next day Kyle had to work (boo!) so I spent the day up at my parents’ house with all my visiting family, lounging around with the girls and being lazy. My aunt C and I headed down to the store to see if we could snag any shopping deals. I actually just wanted to get myself some jeans for $10 but then I accidentally spent way more than that because I found other fantastic deals I didn’t expect to find. I mean it was like 11:30 a.m. — I thought everything would be sold out and picked over by then! After we got back to the house my other aunt, D, wanted to go so I went with her too. It was fun to wander around the store and people-watch, listen to Christmas music… see all the decorations and just feel that energy.
  • That night we decided to do something “easy” for dinner (HA). I suggested grilled pizzas, so my dad and I headed to the store to get a bunch of different toppings and sauces. I made two batches of pizza dough and showed my cousin J how to do the grilling part. Everyone got to make their own little personal pizzas. It was fun, but not “easy” by any means! With all the different toppings we had, plus making the dough and forming it into personal sizes, grilling it etc… it took a couple hours. It was fun anyway.
  • Saturday was spent chasing Aven around  my parents’ house with a towel or bowl because she kept barfing all day. Like 6 times or so. She acted normal otherwise – no fevers or anything, and she kept playing in between episodes – so we were all like “….o_O??..” I didn’t know what was going on. A virus usually produces a fever. Food poisoning? She hadn’t eaten anything weird…  That night J made beef short ribs with prunes (it was delicious, you prune-judgers!) and I threw all the rest of the pizza toppings (bacon, chicken, sausage, ham, spinach, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, onions, green peppers) into a pan and sauteed them all and then dumped some alfredo sauce on top for a last-minute pasta dish to go with the ribs. It was delicious but I was all scared to eat it because MAN it would totally suck to throw that up. So I took like two bites and braced myself for the vomits.
  • I woke up Saturday night/early Sunday feeling achy and icky. Sort of nauseous but not really… just uncomfortable and blah. By Sunday morning I was down for the count with chills and body aches so bad I felt like I’d been run over. I was also nauseous. It wasn’t until my sister in law called me that morning that I found out basically Kyle’s entire family had whatever Aven had had. Most of them got it Friday night but a couple got it Saturday-day, like Aven. Some vicious stomach bug is going around, ya’ll! Sunday for me was spent parked on the couch moaning and otherwise being completely useless. Kyle was parked in the recliner with Aven, who was all weak and tipsy from barfing so much the previous day. I’d surface once in awhile from my fog of “owww” to remind him to make her drink water. That’s about as much parenting as I did that day. Jovi was a gem; she kept herself entertained all day and would occasionally visit my side of the couch to tell me stories about a mommy and daddy who fought dragons.
  • By Monday we were basically better. Aven was back to her normal feisty self. Me? I was still feeling that residual “ugh” of the previous day. I think all I’ve had to eat since dinner Saturday night is like 5 cheez-its and a couple baby carrots. I woke up Monday morning three pounds less than Saturday morning. Yeah.

This weekend Kyle and I are going to Reno for some more shopping. We are taking Aven with us because she is still at that wonderful age of obliviousness where we could buy all of her Christmas presents right in front of her and she’d still be all squealy-suprised in three weeks. Jovi is staying with my parents overnight and they are taking her to Kyle’s company Christmas party Saturday. Hopefully she will not try to shank Santa Claus this year.

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