daily thanksgiving.

the randomness of kids.

If you saw my most recent facebook post you know that Jovi was punished for not eating her dinner by way of me throwing her cupcake away. Those things are important to 4 year olds, but apparently not enough so that they can be used as effective bargaining tools. Frustrations related to food-things are for a whole ‘nother post, though.

After she got over her little tantrum-thing, I heard her playing with Aven in the living room. The unmistakeable sound of heads bonked against walls, screams, laughs, etc. Jovi is shy and seems afraid of the most basic things when she’s in a group of people (I think she’s more shy of the group than she is of anything else). I try to tell people that she’s not like that in Real Life. She’s loud and asks a million questions an hour and sings every facet of her life and runs around screaming and is generally jovial. Like her name. For instance: she just now, like 2 seconds ago, got in trouble for drawing on the chair. She knows better than this and yet she has this intrinsic confidence (or something?) of meh, whatever. And even though she’s quiet and withdrawn in groups, at home? she’s a whole different little person. About five minutes ago she came running into the kitchen all excited.

Mommy, mommy!

What’s up?

There’s a spider on the couch but now it’s on my arm and crawling on me.

For the love of–

It’s a little cute black spider. He crawled on my arm and tickled me but he didn’t bite me. He just misses his daddy because he’s at work. And then when his daddy is at work he sings songs, the itsy bitsy spider, because he misses him.

So see? She’s not really that afraid. I  mean.. aren’t most people just inherently afraid of spiders? Not Jovi. She thinks they’re little tickly pets sent here to inspire catchy songs. Her personality is so random sometimes and I’m thankful for it. She keeps me on my toes. And my fridge stocked with wine.


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2 Responses to daily thanksgiving.

  1. christa says:

    This makes me smile… she sounds like a crazy, fun kiddo!

  2. Jessica Armstrong Lasa says:

    So cute! Glad I’m not the only one that appreciates the randomness of children and the stock of wine!

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