daily thanksgiving.

the simple things.

It was cold this morning. Winter is looming and mornings are better spent under 10 pounds of blankets these days. So when I had to drag myself out of bed this morning – already late – I wasn’t looking forward to traveling the short distance between our bed and the shower. I hate being cold. So I was thankful to find that Kyle had set the thermostat to automatically come on at 6 a.m. so the bathroom was warm. Including the floor! (my feet thank him). Then the hot shower. The hot cup of coffee. My fingerless-gloves that kept my hands warm at work. The new coat I treated myself to last week.

And then, a surprise visit by my girls and Kyle on their way into town to run errands.

And later that night … a fabulous dinner cooked by my husband for me after I had been working all day. I gave the girls a bath and the smell of their shampoo is still lingering on my hands. It was a day of simple things but those are what stuck in my mind more than anything else. The season is changing – and quickly – which means evenings spent inside where there is less room for energy expenditures, but we make do. I’m thankful for all those simple, little things that made my ordinary Monday a little more comfortable.


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