daily thanksgiving

be a blessing

I’ve been blessed in countless ways. My family, my friends, my girls, my job, my home …. and those are just the more “tangible” things. So often I take credit for what I have and hold on tight instead of giving the credit where it’s due. Of course it takes hard work on my part, but God’s blessings are bountiful, and even moreso if you pass them on to other people.
Sometimes I’ll be in a grocery store and get the overwhelming urge to financially help the person in front of me or behind me or even someone at another register. The majority of the time I let the fear of “what will they think or say?” overcome me and I shy away; push the urge aside and continue on my day. And even though the “urge” dissipates, the regret of not stepping in and just doing it lasts all day. Or even days or weeks or months later. Even now, I still clearly remember two missed opportunities to help people who needed it, and I still regret not stepping up. I didn’t act out of fear or insecurity or whatever.
But on those rare occasions where I get the guts to do it? Those moments are amazing and fulfilling. I’m grateful that I have the means to be a blessing to someone else, even if it’s “just” financially. Kyle and I had our moments early in our relationship where we struggled and were blessed by other people, so when we get the chance to pay it forward it feels so good. And I try not to hang on to the feeling it gives me (even though it’s amazing!) but knowing that another person is feeling blessed through me is what matters. Maybe being an answer to someone’s prayer…?
I am grateful to be used in such a way and only wish that I would have the courage to be open to it more often. How different would this world be if we all had the courage to be a blessing to someone else? To step in when we see a need, without question or hesitation. I know it’s hard — like I said, I’ve missed several opportunities out of fear or selfishness. But if I can get over that feeling and do it, maybe more people can and people all over the place will be paying it forward and taking care of each others’ needs. How amazing would that be?
I’m thankful for the opportunities and means to be a blessing.

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One Response to daily thanksgiving

  1. Christa says:

    Ever wonder what it would be like if the “church” was really the body it should be? I think about that all the time.. we were never meant to live alone… we need each other… we really do!

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