messes heal. right?

If you’re not new here you know that last week(end) was a tough one for me. I mean, a person can only take so much poop and vomit before they’re forced into drinking their dinner, right? In the midst of the madness there were a few bright spots of mess. The good kind of mess that kids need for … you know.. stimulation purposes. Or learning. Or whatever. And I was already in a “what else could possibly happen?!” mood, so cleaning up copious amounts of shaving cream? CAKE. No problem. Bring it on! So we did. Along with permanent glitter paint (which, in hindsight… just no), homemade play dough that started off looking like runny cake batter* (I wasted three cups of flour on this??) and little sparkly confetti. One of the big pluses of having girls is all the sparkles we get to play with. Just ask Kyle. Jovi painted her and Aven’s faces with pink glitter nail polish today. Awesome. No lack of bling around these parts! (that’s what she said?)

Everyone knows Walmart is the most terrible store ever, and they don’t even have washable glitter paint! So we used permanent, which got stuck in Aven’s hair and made me cut her bangs. But it doesn’t count as her first haircut because I say so. Anyhoosit, Jovi had been talking about “becoratin punkins” all last week, ever since they chose their own at the pumpkin patch. She was soo excited. But we had to have time to do such things, so we waited until the weekend. If she doesn’t look very enthused in the above photo, it’s because she wasn’t. We did this after her nap. Good and rested, right? Nope. Surly. Pouty. Complainy… turns out she had woken up from her nap only to come down with a 102.1 degree fever. Poor kid! So her pumpkin got half-heartedly painted with not even as much gusto as she would have had otherwise. Oh well. Life and all that.

But Aven had fun! She soon got bored of the pumpkin, though.

I can’t even tell you how much I had to scrub to get the paint off. 😐

the baby green one is from Yaya and grandpa's patch!

"Mom, it's like 102 degrees in here. HURRY UP WITH THE PICTURES."

My little sicko ❀

After painting and after Jovi’s fever broke, I was like crafts, things! what else can I have them do to keep them from pooping all over the house? (Oh and that’s so gross. Don’t mind the food-ick on the side of the high chair. I am embarrassed. But I’m not really. We live in our house, OK?)
Homemade pink playdough with glitter! The shiny things kept them distracted enough so that they didn’t throw my cellphone in the garbage or try to flush the cat down the toilet.

(*OK so I didn’t copy and paste the directions in their entirety, just the directions. So I didn’t realize I’d made a cooking recipe. Once I added it to a pot and stirred it over heat it all came together. And my white spatula has permanent glitter specks on it now. You’re welcome, Kyle! Eh. Something to look at while cooking, yes?)

Sparkles, pink and squish make everything better.

Jovi used googly eyes to make monsters. Aven….

…she ate said googly eyes. Can you tell there’s something in her mouth?


But you know, plastic tastes like plastic so she decided to taste-test the playdough. So what if there’s 2 cups of salt and some lemon juice? Tastes like chicken!

Later, Jovi asked to play with some old bubbles I had laying around since 2008 so I uncapped it and let them loose outside. The bubbles were broken, according to Jovi (they had lost their bubble mojo) so I dumped it and made new ones with dishsoap and water. I know right? I am a chemistry whiz! But they didn’t last long and Aven somehow got ahold of the bottle and spilled it all over the table outside and the deck. I was still very much in my “meh” frame of mind (remember all the poop and vomit? I DO) and I watched as they played in the liquid, spreading it around and making a thick lather. ding! I’ve always wanted to let them play with shaving cream, why not now? So we did.

Jovi was beside herself with crazed happiness that I was actually encouraging them to be as messy as possible. I suppose that’s something I need to work on.

Aven was unsure and very much What is happening right now?? but she eventually got into it.

I told her to show me her hands.

Both girls loved the soft squishiness. And the ease of making marks through the cream on the table. They were both full of squeals.

Shaving cream is one of those substances where once you get a tiny amount on yourself, it gets all over. I used a rag to wipe Aven’s mouth and suddenly I was covered in the stuff without ever actually touching it. It’s like by osmosis or something.

Jovi drawing a picture of her daddy.

We went straight to the tub. : )

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8 Responses to messes heal. right?

  1. Oh goodness you make me laugh. I hope you become all famous for your witty parenting blog posts πŸ™‚

    Also, when did Jovi get to be so grown(?!?!) up and Aven’s scowl smile is the. best.

    • jovi is getting soooo tall. Kyle said yesterday that she’s probably as tall now as I was in 1986. Which was when I was 6. I laughed but I might have been a little offended. “Are you saying a three year old is as tall as I was when I was SIX??” Whatever, Kyle.

  2. Catherine says:

    awww! What a fun day..Except for the fever 😦 Quinn would love the shaving cream! And your girls are gorgeous. I used to think Jovi and Aven looked exactly alike, but now I see they each have their own beautiful look. Sooo so cute!

    • They definitely have their own looks and own personalities. But there are similarities between them as well. Probably things that only I notice, but they’re there!!
      Next time I want to dye some shaving cream and let them loose in the bathtub (without water) to “paint” on the walls. I’ve heard of doing that with washable finger paints too.

  3. Christa says:

    You did go all out… what fun! I say the bigger the mess the better… and then spend the next 45 minutes rebuking that type A personality that lingers in the back of my mind! What a delightful weekend… you were brave… and yes, houses that are lived in are the best… I didn’t even notice the high chair until you wrote about it… haaaha!

    • I have those ‘back of the mind’ thoughts too! I have to consciously remind myself to let them be kids sometimes, you know? And with the table, I just went and laid it on the grass and let the sprinklers clean it off. πŸ™‚

  4. You and the gals are such a hoot! I absolutely love reading your blog and getting ideas for my boys. Although, I don’t think pink glitter play dough would go well in this house (maybe I’ll make some for me!). Thanks for the laughs today!

    • You are on Pinterest, yes? I feel like we’ve added each other? If not (or if so?) check out my Crafty Things board — TONS of ideas! I also have a pin under holidays for halloween crafts for toddlers. I mean.. I gank everything I do (pretty much) from other people on the web. I wish I could take more credit but my brain cells are dedicated to getting stains out of things lately. Such is motherhood.

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