Before I get all warm and fuzzy with how rad my little nuclear family is, I just have to say that this morning started off awesome. In keeping with the theme of this past week (see previous post. I hear it’s hilarious to other people) Jovi came running in my room at 7 a.m. all panicked-sounding yelling something about poop and Aven.
No. Not today. It’s Saturday, I already have to go into work and Kyle is having way more fun than me and plus he has pumpkin gobs. No no no. I refuse to touch poop for the second time in as many days. NO.
So I got up and went into Aven’s room all bleary-eyed and smelled it immediately. Not poop. Vomit. Siiiighh. Really? I cleaned her up and stripped her bedding and put it in the washer on hot, got her changed into clean clothes and went to take my own shower. And found I didn’t have any hot water. Not sure if it was because the washer was on a hot cycle but still — I should have had some right? And it should have lasted for more than 4 minutes and been more than luke-warm. So I don’t know if my hot water heater is kaputz or if it was because of my washer. I can’t form logical thoughts at 7 a.m. after dealing with vomit. Who can, really?? Don’t expect too much of me!
So yeah. My day started with 1. cleaning up vomit; and 2. a cold shower.

But instead of dwelling on it anymore (because really, how much can a person talk about vomit, right?) I will post some lovely photos from a recent outing in the canyon nearby. It was one of those spontaneous “let’s go to the hills” days and we had a great time. The girls ran around doing outdoor-things, the dogs got to play in the creek and we all got to spend time together. Which seems like a novelty these days! Or maybe just when I’m smack-dab in the middle of a 6-day Kyle absence and forced to deal with things like poop and vomit all on my own. I deserve a weekend in Tahoe, y/n?

But first, we had a jammies day and drew on the sidewalk.

Jovi layed in her art.

And she got in trouble (not for laying in her art; for something different) and pouted. Aven "smiled" for me

Our day in the canyon

throwing rocks into the creek

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4 Responses to snippets.

  1. Heather H. says:

    Jen, I love this post. The girls are so beautiful and you got some great pictures of them in the canyon, sounds like fun. Mitch especially liked the one of Jovi pouting and Aven smiling šŸ™‚ Sorry you had to handle vomit so early in the morning…and what’s with that ALWAYS happening when the boys are away??!! Sounds like you are handling it well though. Love you tons and can’t wait to see you!!

    • she’s such the drama queen! I think I put her on the steps in “time out” because she wasn’t listening (obeying) me. She pouted for like 15 minutes, even after she was let go. Girls! hahaha

      Miss you guys!!!

  2. michelle says:

    my dear friend…you have such a gift for capturing exactly the right moments in your photos. ā¤ beatiful girls…all three of you! ā¤

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