oh, the drama.

It’s been a crazy, hectic week for me. Not only is my taller half Missing in Action (yet again. Third time in the past month. JUST SAYING) but the girls seem to know when I’m flying solo. I’m not sure if it’s their behavior that gets worse or just my perception of it because I know I’m on my own. Either way, girls are allll drama. And my girls? Are the epitome of girls.

Aven recently got mad because I wouldn’t let her finish eating a green marker. I know right? I’m so mean.

Oh! Woe!
And instead of trying to comfort her (which honestly is dangerous and can result in a broken nose or fractured pelvis) I decided to take photos of her tantrum. You know, for posterity or whatever.

Look at those alligator tears! But hey, if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it awesome. And Aven? Is awesome at tantrums. (Lucky me!)

Oh wait! Maybe things with Mommy aren’t that terrible after all! Hmm… let me consider this…

Yes, I will even think about smiling a little bit. Maybe I will even stand up and play or do something un-dramatic!

There! I’m smiling. I think. Right? Am I doing it?

Well you went and did it. You looked at me wrong and NOW LOOK WHAT HAPPENED.

….enter Jovi for some comic relief….

“Ta-daaa!” I’m not sure what I am doing but it’s better than a screeching sibling, right??


Last night I was done. I fed the girls and put them in a bath so I could have a few minutes to relax (read: catch up on Project Runway) and all the sudden I heard smashing-splashing, like the kind that goes beyond “just a little water.” When I got into the bathroom not only was there 1/2 inch of water ALL OVER  FLOOR, but Aven was standing up in the tub, naked, holding two golf-ball sized turds. Yes, I said it. And there was a third one just floating down by her feet.

Sigh. That sums up my week pretty well.

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6 Responses to oh, the drama.

  1. Kendra says:

    dramatic maybe…but still so stinkin’ cute!! 🙂 Nice work capturing the meltdown moment(s). You know those will come in handy some day. Hang in there mama….someday we will want these somewhat “innocent” temper tantrums back to deal with rather than what’s to come. love yous!! 🙂
    oh–and poop stories are the greatest for those “down the road” necessary times….like her wedding day. That will be a good one to share! (now go write it down so you don’t forget!! haha!)

  2. Christa says:

    Yes, you are horrible… who doesn’t let their kids suck on markers…????? Eden thinks I am the meanest thing alive because I don’t let her eat her play dough, weird stuff off the floor, and suck on sharpies… the nerve… I know Kendra is flying solo this week so I will pray for both of ya! Hunting season… gotta “love” it!

    • Can you tell in the photo that the tip of the marker is pretty much gone? These are the things that happen in my house when I’m busy doing things like.. oh you know… cooking.. dishes. etc.
      Yeah our boys are off gallivanting in the wilderness having a great old time shooting at things, and I’m bleaching poop out of the bathtub. Awesome. haha

  3. jenny says:

    haha I find if funny that you listed first sleepover AFTER graduation. I dunno what kind of liberal house you’re running… 😉 haha. I like how she has green on her eye AFTER the initial tantrum is over. Great pics =0)

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