There is always something special and awesome (I mean that in an “inspires awe” way) about meeting a new baby. This little life that was created miraculously and is knitted together in the womb for 40 +/- weeks and when they arrive in the world it’s in this little bundle of perfection.

Perfection and innocence and preciousness. I am sounding all mushy and cheesy, but really – meeting PJ Hinton inspires such feelings. Just wait! There is something special about him. Something I can’t put my finger on. Watching him sleep inspired peacefulness in me. Watching him look at his mother filled me up to the brim with…. I don’t even know. Feelings. Lots of them. And I got the precious gift of holding him for a little while after Heather had finished nursing him. It was one of those “right time, right place” moments that I am so thankful for! He had his eyes open while I was holding him belly-to-belly and even though he is brand new in this world, it was like he had some sort of wisdom in those little eyes. He is amazing, and I am so grateful I got to meet him!

As far as medical stuff goes, PJ is doing very well!! He got his IV out Friday and Heather has been able to keep him hydrated and sustained on breastmilk, which is amazing!! For any of you out there who have breastfed, you know it’s a challenge in those first few weeks (and sometimes beyond) and probably even moreso when you’re nursing a baby who has just undergone serious surgery. She is a rockstar!!

And it’s hardwork for a baby to nurse — they really have to work at it to keep the milk flowing through the letdown, and to get to that precious, fatty hindmilk full of fat and nutrients. So considering those things, PJ is doing amazingly well. Their main doctor even told them that if he continues to do as well as he is, they could be home by the end of this week! Other medical issues are very much of the “wait and see” variety — there is a lot of testing and monitoring going on to check his basic functions, but no one is certain what the implications will be until he grows and develops. Regardless, Heather and Mitch are amazing parents to this little bundle of specialness and I have no doubts they will rise with whatever is handed to them.

Of course, it is hard right now being separated from him by the insane jungle of streets that make up San Francisco. Feedings, bondings — everything — has to be done through the filter of a hospital, which makes it tough. And compounding that is their separation from their oldest son, Daniel. I know it has to be hard on them to be apart from him, especially at length like this. He is in great hands of course, but there is nothing that takes the place of two devoted parents. I know they’re all ready to be together again so they can discover their new at-home routine and get back to some normalcy. Hopefully (prayerfully) soon!!

Welcome to the world, baby PJ!!!

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  1. I’ve been checking their blog every so often and I’m so happy to see that everybody is doing so well. I had a friend whose daughter had a little girl with spina bifida and she’s doing SO well. It sounds like hers was the same as PJ’s, really low on the spine. She has to do the catheterization and she does have a walker but I hear she’s doing amazing and looks like a beautiful and happy little girl in all the photos I see.

    • that is so great to hear!!! They had to learn to cath PJ as well as they’re not sure he’s emptying his bladder completely (even though he is wetting his diaper). His prognosis is good, according to all the doctors! Sounds very similar to your friend.

  2. shelly gerhard says:

    Awwwwwww, he is beautiful ! Reminds me of Kali, she was my Ice cream baby.

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